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The Way of Worship Series - DVD

Artist: Pastor Dale O'Shields
Type: CD/DVD

Worship is something that we are all called and created to do. Our choice of who or what we worship is a critical one. The object of our worship becomes the focus of our life, and the focus of our life is what forms our life. During this series we are focusing our attention on the one activity that must take top priority in our lives, the worship of God. The titles in this series include:

#1 Who We Worship

#2 Why We Worship - Part 1

#3 Why We Worsip- Part 2

#4 What is Required Of A Worshipper

#5 Where We Worship

#6 How We Worship - Part 1

#7 How We Worship - Part 2

#8 How We Worship - Part 3

#9 How We Worship - Part 4

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