Children's Ministry


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About RKids

RKids is available for children infant through 5th grade. Rkids is a fun, energy-packed and safe environment where the kids are encouraged to love God and their families, memorize Scripture, serve others, and be a witness for Christ.

RKids Series

RKids uses a creative children's curriculum for church and home! Every 8 weeks, we launch an exciting new series that teaches kids to lead and succeed through biblical values!


Awana is a Bible-centered midweek club for children 3 years old (as of August 31st) through 5th grade.

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Is your child ready to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life? This guide will help you and your child with this next step.


As a follower of Christ, every believer, no matter the age, should take the important step of being baptized and making a public declaration of their faith in Christ.

Baby Dedication

The word "dedication" means "to consecrate" or the act of setting apart people or things to serve God. As parents, you begin by publicly acknowledging your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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RKids Choir

We make God number one as we sing His praises and bring fame to His great name! RKids Choir rehearses every other Sunday in the Kids Worship Center South.


As kids learn to see themselves and others as Jesus sees them, they can realize that everyone needs a Savior, even those who look like they have it all together. A relationship with Jesus Christ changes everything! All you have to do is dive in!

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