SURGE 2018
June 24th - August 10th

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Thursdays


WHEN: Mondays, Wednesday, & Thursdays.
10 am - 4:30 pm
Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month Students will Attend Elevate Gatherings
Every Sunday Students are required to serve one service and attend one service.

WHERE: Mondays - Thursdays, Clarksburg Campus
Sundays - Home Campus
Elevate Gatherings - Home Campus

CARPOOL: Carpool will be offered for our offsite students at Gaithersburg and Frederick. Carpool will depart from the offsite campus every SURGE Days at 9:00 am. If you will be carpooling, you must submit it on the application.

COURSES/HOMEWORK: Students will be assigned a weekly memory verse, old testament reading, new testament reading, and Ministry Stream Projects. A syllabus will be given to Students the first week of Surge with due dates and information.

OUTREACH: Students will participate in several outreaches this Summer. Outreaches will take place during SURGE Hours and transportation will be offered. Students and parents will be notified one week before the outreach takes place.

SURGE GAMES: Every Thursday, all students will be participating in various SURGE Games. These games will be led by our SURGE Staff. Please bring athletic clothes to change into.
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Make the choice.

We challenge you to give God an entire summer and see what He does with it. You won't regret it!