Frequently Asked Questions


What is my role as a host?

A host has a heart for people and is willing to open their home (or meet at a restaurant, library, work, basketball court, etc.) and engage in fellowship.

How should I plan for the first meeting?

First thing, PRAY. Ask God to use you as His vessel through the Holy Spirit. Call your group members in advance (usually a week before the meeting) to let them know about the time, location, and if you expect them to bring a snack. For the first meeting, you might want to get name tags.

How should the first meeting run?

The first meeting should be just a meet and greet. You just want to get to know each other. You can find a number of fun icebreakers online.

How long should each meeting last?

We recommend a meeting be no less than an hour and no longer than two hours. You and others want to respect yours and their time.

Where do I go to get the curriculum for the group discussion?

Upon registering your group online here.

Do I have to lead the group in discussion?

No. The study guides are equipped with questions designed to provoke conversation. You or someone else can ask the questions. The most important thing about group discussion is to get everyone involved. Try not to be intimidated by silence. If there is someone in your group who is a natural with facilitating discussion, let them help.

What is the maximum number of people that should be in the group?

We recommend a minimum of 6 people and maximum of 12. There will be times when not all the group members will be there.

What happens after the seven-week series?

You will be contacted by a life group representative and asked a couple of questions:

1. How was your experience in hosting a life group?
2. Would you like your group to continue? If so, they will tell you what your next steps are.