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Old School Values in a New School Way series - CD

Artist: Pastor Dale O'Shields
Type: CD/DVD

In a world that is progressive wih rapidly evolving moral values most people are superficially aware of the Ten Commandments. In this series Pastor Dale helps us to discover the key values and principles undergirding God's moral law. Although the world is going "New School" in it's thoughts, technology, etc., In morality we need to go back to God's "Old School" morals. We can live in a New School World best if we hold to God's Old School Values! The titles included in this series are:

#1 Ten Things We Need to Know About the ten Commandments

#2 Pay Attention to Priorities

#3 Build a Life an Legac of Faith

#4 Reverence God's Name

#5 Learn to Trust

#6 Honor God's Authority

#7 Choose Life

#8 Commit to Moral Purity pt-1

#9 Commit to Moral Purity pt-2

#10 Respect Boundaries

#11 Walk In Truth

#12 Be Content

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