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Redeemer Summer Camp will provide an energetic staff to help campers learn new things while understanding the presence of God in everything. Each week of camp is an opportunity to allow kids to take healthy risks with topics they have never done before, in a safe and nurturing environment. They will be trying new foods, participating in team building activities, exploring, playing, learning, praying and building bonds and strong relationships all in familiar Christian surroundings. Have your kids experience the best summer yet.

For Kids Kindergarten through 8th grade.

5 Themed Weeks of Fun to Choose From!

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Horseback Riding

Session 1 | July 7-11

We will study these beautiful majestic animals and riding basics for one week. Our children will learn horse keeping, natural horsemanship body language of horses, how to pick up a hoof, mount with a stirrup, safe dismount and some tacking up. Please note that this class will be $300.

Sports and Games

Session 2 | July 14-18

Play some old favorites as well as some new ones. Learn how to be a team player and to support those who win as well as being a good loser. Cheer on your teammate and encourage others no matter what the outcome. Sportsmanship and teamwork are key here. Now let's play!


Session 3 | July 21-25

Food Network has nothing on us! Watch us as we experiment with some of the best tasting food around. Learn to make all types of dishes and try some new things too...was that a leaning tower of Oreos?!?


Session 4 | July 28-August 1

Embrace the dramatic you. Campers this week will learn everything possible about drama. Our incredible staff will present basic acting skills, stage presence, and voice projection techniques. We'll take a look behind the scenes with stage sets, sound systems, and special make up.
We welcome some drama here.


Session 5 | August 4-8

Does your child know what to do in an emergency situation? Who to call? Who to talk to and who to avoid? The police, firemen, ambulance and EMS workers are all here for us. Do you know CPR or First Aid?



Extended Hours: 8AM Drop Off & 5PM Pick-Up

Please understand that there is a $1 per minute late pick up fee.


February - May - $300 | June- July 7 - $350

February - May - $225 | June- July 7 - $275

February - May - $225 | June- July 7- $275

February - May - $225 | June- July 7 - $275

February - May - $225 | June- July 7 - $275

Swim Days

Swim days will be the Wednesday of
 every session. In order to participate, campers must wear their camp t-shirts on swim days.


PLEASE SEND LUNCH WITH YOUR CHILD. A healthy afternoon snack will be provided.


Please fill out the registration and medical forms and turn in with $35 non-refundable registration fee. For Kids Kindergarten through 8th grade. Register Soon! Spaces are limited. Download Registration Form | Download Medical Form

Register Online!

All cancellations must be in writing to be honored.

Feb. - May: all fees except the registration fees can be refunded. Registration fees are non refundable.
May - June 6th: 50% of fees will be refunded minus the registration fee. Registration fees are not refundable.
After June 6: no fees will be refunded.
Final payments: final payments are due the first day of each week of camp. Full payment must be submitted in order to attend. Any registration received on or after June 6, must be accompanied by a full payment.

For more information call Church of the Redeemer Christian School at: 240-238-1500.