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Looking for a way to build friendships and grow stronger in your faith?
Joining a Redeemer Life Group is the perfect fit for you.

Get connected to an intimate, welcoming and loving community this fall.
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What is a LifeGroup? Why are LifeGroups important? What happens in a LifeGroup?
LifeGroups are small group environments where around 10-12 friendly people experience Authentic Community and Spiritual Growth together.

Authentic Community = Accountability, Belonging and Care.

Spiritual Growth = Developing relationships in the group and reaching up to God and out to others (Matthew 22:36-40).
LifeGroups provide opportunities to build Christ-centered friendships. Real life issues are discussed. Real life-change occurs.

In LifeGroups, you develop relationships with other believers on a deeper level than you could at our worship services.

LifeGroups are where we "do life together."

Even though all LifeGroups aren't the same, every group spends their time together in a similar way. Groups will often hang out and connect with each other (usually involving food), discuss God's Word, and pray for each other.

Outside of the LifeGroup meeting, every group seeks to regularly serve and care for the community by extending the love of Jesus beyond the walls of our church.

LifeGroups meet in homes, coffee shops and other places throughout the community.

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