Redeemer Kids: Policies and Procedures


Child Check-in System Procedure

Parents will use the automated kiosk, located at both south and north entrances on the first and second levels. This provides a quick, secure, and efficient classroom check-in. If you are a first-time visitor, you may check your child in at an assisted kiosk station located at the Redeemer Kids Guest Services at the South entrance on the 1st level.

The kiosk printer will print three different stickers-one for you, one to place on your child, and another to give to the volunteer in the classroom. These stickers enable us to page you during the service if we need your assistance and to facilitate a secure pick-up for your children at the end of the service. A separate sticker can also be provided for your child's diaper bag in the classroom, if applicable.


Parent Paging

If for any reason you are needed in our classrooms during the service, we will page you to the classroom via our pager boxes located towards the front of the Worship Center on the face of the balconies. Your kiosk sticker security number, followed by the first three letters of your child's first name, will be displayed.


Check-Out System

To retrieve your children at the end of the service, parents must present the correct kiosk security number sticker that matches their child's sticker to the dismissal volunteer in the classroom. We respectfully request your child be picked up within 10 minutes after the end of the service in order for us to properly prepare for the following service and to dismiss our volunteers.


Wellness Policy

To protect all children, we ask that parents keep their child at home if they've experienced any of the following in the last 24 hours: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, severe or unusual rash, mucous from eyes, ears or nose, or an open or infected sore.


Food and Drink

Due to many allergies we request children and volunteers bring no food or drinks into our classrooms. For our toddler classrooms, we occasionally serve Cheerios and water only. Please inform your child's classroom leader if your child is allergic. For special services, we may have a snack as part of our lesson; we will post ingredients to alert parents for possible allergies.


RKids Classroom Rules

R- Raise your hand before speaking
K- Keep you hands and feet to yourself
I- Incase of an emergency, follow small group leader
D- Drinks and bathroom before or after service
S- Stickers are to remain on your shirt

Always treat each other with kindness and have fun worshiping Jesus!


Babies & Toddlers

We maintain a child to caregiver ratio that encourages a calm and controlled atmosphere, using a weekly routine that your child will respond to and know how to follow joyfully.

All toys and surfaces are sanitized after each service, and the classrooms are thoroughly cleaned daily for your child's protection.

We respectfully request that your child come to our classroom with a fresh diaper, a prepared bottle with clear feeding instructions, and extra changing supplies. We have found it is best to leave children's personal toys at home.